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  • Role: Designer / Author / Photographer
  • Details: Affodel Fabler is the story of a grumpy old man with an enchanted pocket watch, who lives in a dilapidated cottage with his cat Mrs. Thistle, in the town of Juniper. Original story and artwork. The cover illustration was hand-cut out of paper and the photographs were taken of handmade miniature sets built out of paper, wood, fabric and clay. The 36-page book is digitally printed and perfect bound.
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  • Role: Design lead
  • Team: Otto Design + Marketing
  • Details: Taste Unlimited is a family owned restaurant and specialty shop with 7 locations in Hampton Roads. As an iconic part of the local food scene for over 40 years, Taste was focused on elevating the customer experience and updating their branding efforts to fit the evolving company.

    A natural transformation of their brand, Taste’s signature neon yellow was refreshed to a more sophisticated hue. The emphasis was placed on the initial word in the logotype, since many locals affectionately refer to the company as “Taste.”

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